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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 25, 2012 1:35am-2:05am EDT

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november 1 coming up. next week. >> no. craig: come on, man! please? do you have a tattoo on your arm? do you hate katie couric too? it is a joke. do you have any dealings at all with katie couric? >> she's my aunt. >> katie couric is your aunt? >> i'm kidding. hi, george. craig: george? he called you george. geoff: how dare you! craig: he called you george. paul, how can you call him george? geoff: i don't need to take that from you, frank. craig: do you ever do that? >> what? craig: you know what i mean. >> all the time. craig: what does it say? >> strength, conquers tears.
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right, geoff? geoff: yeah, whatever, man. craig: he is pretty mad at you. >> all right. we'll work through it. craig: you can have a celebrity feud. there can be a magazine article about how you two hate each other. geoff: yeah, i'm real worked up. i won't say a word to you. craig: say good night. i'll see you november 1. >> good night, guys. i'll see you november 1.
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hurricane sandy pounding jamaica and now tropical storm warnings have been issued for florida. mission one for us here keeping you safe. therefore we will track sandy until we know for sure you are in the clear. could come up the coast and smack us across the face. >> i will tell you what. it could come up the coast but what we are concerned about is not so much this weekend but
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maybe next week. she has strengthened since 8:00. she's now 85 miles per hour with sustained winds. still a category one, but the eye clearly defined now. we will zoom in across or in between jamaica and also cuba. pretty good little sized storm. the eye just you have of the east tip of cuba, and again winds are 80 miles per hour. imus to 100. all right. here is a look now at the tropical storm warnings for portions of florida, north ward to sebastian, all of the bahamas are under a hurricane warning at this hour. the track still takes it across cuba into the bahamas as a category one -- and back to the southeast. that's a good thing. it will parallel the coast, the bad thing it turns back to the north and west, and that means it could affect the immediate metro area, not so much over the weekend but maybe monday,
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maybe tuesday, maybe halloween. okay i move to the web center. what you need to do if you haven't already down load the weather app. it is cool do go to the app store and search for wusa radar and track this right along with us. there's the track. if you touch a dot, the information will come up. to do that hit the information button, make sure your tropical track are on right there and you are all set. you can track it right along with us all weekend and into next week. we will be back and talk about where that storm might go monday or tuesday. >> all right. thank you. day three of our battleground virginia tour has brought our crew to the southwest part of the common wealth. there's a new poll out that shows the race is tight but governor romney is taking a slight lead, 50% to 47% for president obama. tonight andrea takes us to an area with a striking contrast of opinions. >> we are in hampton road, this is the region with a huge
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military prence, and a local economy that is heavily dependent on defense spending. >> my name is sean, and i am a machinist and mechanic on the usa roosevelt. >> i am thomas bell, the business manager for local union 79. >> two men both with military backgrounds,. >> i am not afraid to stand up for my country. i put my life out for 20 years and i'm not afraid to do it again. >> no party has a lack of patriotism -- on it. i'm a u.s. army veteran. >> you can see the island house. >> they work in related fields. >> when i was in desert storm, i guided a lot of these aircrafts in on targets when we were taking out the enemy. >> i would like to say we don't build the ship, we build the shipyards. >> they support different candidates. >> barack obama. >> republican. >> but this is about improving a damaged economy. >> i will concede and say okay bush did it. president obama said he was going to fix it. >> we can't do anything if we don't have a job.
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all of the other issues kind of get, fall secondary because if you are not able to provide for your family. >> this part of virginia is unusual. here, sequestration is an especially unwelcome word. >> it is the worry that if those budget cuts actually take place january 1st, that the economy is going to come to a stretching halt. >> you vote for mitt romney. >> president obama, he supports health care. >> they election says kid will depend on voter turn out. >> it is now a game of who turns out the voters not virginia conservative just get virginia to vote and it will be a republican state. but whose voters vote. that's what makes virginia a purple state. >> cuts in defense spending could hurt another part of the state even more than hampton rose, and that is northern virginia. we are headed there next. in nor folk andrea mckaren. >> as for president obama he's on his way to florida tonight, another hotly contested state. the president won florida four
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years ago but poll versus given romney a slight edge this time around, almost one out of every three likely voters there is over the ageover # 5. as the cam -- 65. as they fight for seniors they're talking medicare and social security. >> many, many, many people are on social security, fixed incomes, and without that, they couldn't exist. >> i have read some of the issues in obama care, and i don't like what's going to be taken away from seniors. >> these seniors know the race is very close, and they have volunteering their time to help their candidate win this battleground state. president obama holds a rally tomorrow. mitt romney plans three stops in florida on saturday. t. was it a cheap set up or proof of dishonest politics? a new video shows pat son of virginia congressman seemingly giving advice on how to commit voter fraud fraud. it is sending shock waves. we have the allegations that
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were all caught on hidden camera. >> reporter: earlier tonight we got word that pat stepped down from his position and his father's campaign is the field director because of this video. the investigation was done by project a conservative watchdog group that focus on exposing government corruption and describe what you are about to say as damming. >> i think that -- >> the hidden camera video was recorded in a restaurant on october 8th. the investigator disguises a democratic sporer a approaches pat moran trying to get advice. listen closely. >> -- [inaudible] >> all right. >> for two guys to help him. >> yeah. >> he goes around and -- >> round these people up to vote. >> they get -- [inaudible] >> oh. >> after understanding the
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investigators intention to skirt the voter id law, they walk and talk a little more. >> i don't know, but that's tough man. >> he seems he has at that seems hestant and tries to encourage him to lobby for the votes instead. >> to make sure it went through zpsh -- [inaudible] >> i feel like it is going to underperforming district. >> but the investigator pushes on, the field director and son of an 11-term congressman finally seems to give in offering advice on how to pull off deception at the polls. >> look at the law. >> okay. >> but like a utility bill or something like that shortly after he reiterates his point. >> i'm impressed man. >> i would look at the law. you will have to have the same address on there. it looks like you will be able to satisfy that, but the l have to look legitimate.
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>> i reached out for comment earlier tonight. he spoke about the video and the investigator saying quote he struck me as crazy. i thought he was joking for only that reason did i humor him. i should have walked a way making it clear that there's no place for even a suggestion of illegal behavior joking or not. he decided to resign because he did not want to be a distraction in what he called a critical election. let us know what you think. tweet me. i also have a link to the video in its entirety. >> thank you, ken. new tonight an egyptian militant suspected in the attack on the u.s. con lateral in libya has been killed. a man -- four americans were killed including chris stevens. the white house state department and the fbi were informed a militant islamist group had claimed credit two hours after it began, according
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to e-mails obtained by cbs news and suggest they were informing officials in washington about the assault as it was unfolding. it raises further questions about the seeming confusion on the part of the obama administration to determine the nature of testify september 11th attack and who planned it. hillary clinton responded saying a posting on facebook isn't evidence of responsibility for the attack. we all watched harry and sally struggle with the question back in the old movie can men and women be just friends? a new study is out and we take those results and hit the streets. wait until you hear what people say about age-old ca none drum. >> and licorice, it could be bad for you.
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>> a warning, eat wish too much
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black licorice can come with side effects. it contains a sweetener that could cause aa drop in potassium. when that happens some people could experience abnormal heart rate, high blood pressure and congesteddive heart failure if you have a heart problem. potassium levels get back to normal when people stop eating foods with this sweetener. >> to the age-old question, can men and women be just friends? a bunch of scientists say no. >> but wait until you hear what they say is going on in the minds of men and women. we have the talker of the day. >> men and women can't be are friends because the sex part always gets in the way. >> that's not true. >> yeah, it kind of is. research, the kind of stuff that generates tv news stories, suggest that is the word friends is really just another word for friends but one of you really want it is other.
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the men were more likely to be act at thatted to the female friend and more likely to think the female friend was attracted to them. women were not a tracted to their male friend but were clueless, and didn't think their male friend was attracted to them. got it? to the streets now, and to your tweets. >> are you friends? >> yeah, we are friends. >> are you dating. >> we would be if we lived in the same city. >> safe to say they're more than friends true to the research, she think it is rest of her guy friends are just that. >> do you think any of them are attracted to you. >> i don't know. i haven't asked them. >> well, the new study says they probably are. >> well, too bad for them i guess. >> back to jake now who think it is study is spot on. >> i mean i think that is the real thing. and there are women who i have been friend with who i was also tracted to. but it is really refreshing to be around women and not have a sexual tension. >> but you know you are sitting here next to this girl that you are interested in so you have to say that; right?
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>> yes, i understand that. that's true. >> to sum it autopsy, we go back to -- up we go back to maybe the ultimate video clip and it is not the show with the name because they were all hooking up. >> so you are saying that a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive. >> now, you want to nail him too. >> i have to laugh. sorry. we asked you what you thought and here are the tweets. mr. terrificpants. i did did not make that up. they says they can friendly but not true friends. sex always possible with any female according to m male, so we act differently hash tag friends. joseph michael says since everyone knows i love my wife and would never hurt her: other women know i am just their friend and nothing more. >> yes i have many guides are just friends and i get along with them better than my female friends. you know i have a lot of
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friends from working in news you work with people, guy friends. i never thought about it but my boyfriend says you know what i think they might like you. i don't know. they won't admit to it, but he's thinking they do. what do you guys think. >> friends. >> i think it is type to throw the topic. this conversation isn't going anywhere good. >> nowhere good. >> your girlfriends could be watching. >> we have new information t winds are up to 855 miles per hour. still a category winds, gusts to 100 miles per hour. let's start with the track, and we are looking at 90 miles per hour winds rather, and we are looking at movement to the north at 13. it is about 85 miles southwest of guantanamo cuba. hurricane warnings for cuba, bahamas, this track has not changed much the last three days, over cuba into the bahamas and slightly to the northwest and then go back to the northeast sparing the southeast coast. this is going to happen and really what we said alast night
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i am not so concerned with the storm over the weekend. i am more concerned with the storm as it begins to be coming back to the northwest retrograding to the west and northwest as it is extra tropical by the time we get into monday of next week. even though it is extra tropical it may still be just as strong. so we have to keep you posted on this all week, and l all weekend. here are the spaghetti plots. i love these because you get to see the models and where they're going. each presents a track of the model. we have all kinds of con fluent here into the bahamas and then con fluent keeping its aoffshore, but notice these two models turn back to the northwest. one into nantucket, one into atlantic city. that's not good. it would have a huge impact on us. we are not done with sandy. we will not be for some time. >> live weather cam. low clouds have developed. it is 70. we tied the record high today, 84 at national.
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pressure 30.2. winds south at 6. some morning fog, mr. bernsteen will be in bright and early for you. not as warm tomorrow but mild. may need your umbrella friday. we will monitor sandy all weekend and into next week. nonweather alert. screen green and yellow. still mild on thursday after morning clouds and fog, 75 showers on friday, interest we are keep it green. it is friday after all. some showers saturday, temperatures in the upper 60s. the little league games will be played on saturday, just not under the best circumstances. sunday showers experl breaks in the clouds and then next week depends on sandy if we retrogrades westward or northwest. we could have showers monday and or tuesday and or halloween and the chance goes down. only 50, maybe 50. 84 today, 50 a week later. get ready. >> we will. >> rookie quarterback robert
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griffin the third has played like anything but the third highest q becks rating and only on 9 tonight a sit down interview. >> we have what he had to say to our partners at usa today. >> it is not too often you get to sit down with him. it is usually at a podium or afterpractice. being one of the most watched in the nfl and on the outside he seems to handle the pressure well for a 22-year-old but what has this year really been like? this is what has had to say. >> there have been a lot of pictures but this one is my favorite from 2008. oh my god. >> don't ever take a shower and take hair out before a team photo. >> i will not show the fans this one, but it is a good picture. good job pulling this out of
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the archives. >> as far as what you have learned, thing that is guy didn't know, can you start with off the field, what you have learned. >> you know, when you are growing up and you want to be a professional athlete you don't realize how much of a business it is. you think you can make it and everything else is easy, you play the game you love and not having anything else to worry about. but there's a lot more things this happen off the field and on the field just with the business aspect of it. so you do have to be mentally tough and just know that ait is everything you dreamed of. but it is a lot more than what you dreamed of as well. >> you have to be the first rookie to walk and is et up your action figures were you worried about being taken seriously in that process? >> yeah. it wasn't the first thing. i didn't come and meet them and throw the action figures up. i went through ota and rookie mini camp and when it came time before training camp, i just
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felt like it was time for me to make my locker my own, and i brought some of my favorite toys and had a saying under each one of them and when they look at what is beneath the action figures i feel like it has an impact on them. that's all it is, you know, there's 53 guys in there. if i effect one or two guys a day by walking by the locker and they say what it says. >> you have captain planet the incredible hulk and i am missing. >> spiderman. >> who else. >> a guy from xmen and a guy from dragon -- >> they all have super power. >> right. >> what does hah mean to you -- that mean to you. >> people have called me superman my whole life just in various sports. that seems to be the common theme. but you know, my favorite superhero is actually the
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incredible hulk. he is always a superhero that can't die. people might not key no that, but he doesn't die -- not know that, but he doesn't die. i don't picture myself as a normal person when i play football and i don't think anyone else pictures me that way as well so when it comes to batsman, i like to think -- batman i like to think i can do things that normal people can't. >> can you go anywhere without being noticed. >> no i have tried everything, somehow someway they figure out it is me. i m a abigger guy, but they figure out it is me and the rest is history. so i end uptaking pictures and signing autograph and going home. >> what do you think has been the greatest accomplishment in your life so far? >> oh man, i mean that is stuff. you know i ran in the olympic trials in '08 so to have a chance to represent your
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country as on olympic would have been huge for me, but you know, it is a tough question. making it to the nfl is a huge accomplish. making it in the nfl is also a huge accomplishment but i haven't done that yet. it is still hard to figure out when you have made it. but thankfully i don't have any kids out of wedlock or anything like that. and my parents did a great job raising me and my two sisters. we all graduated from high school and all graduated from college. so you know, being able to be aa good representative of my family is probably my greatest accomplishment thus far. >> what is the toughest thing you've had to go through. you know probably tearing my acl in 2009. i came aoff of a great freshman year and the third game. that was tough. it is still a collie sha when you say why do bad things happen to good people.
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i had done everything right in my mind to that point, whether it was football, school or anything, and still got hurt. but god has a plan for everything and i had a chance to turn away in that situation or draw closer to him. so i decided to draw closer to him and skim back strong frere it and faster than i was, and i am stronger than i was before i got hurt and a better player today than i was before i got hurt. so like i said god always has
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>> now 9 sports. >> he said he had no plans to retire, he even had offers from other teams but the only team he wanted to play for was the redskins, it is the team he has ever played for. when we heard about freddy vies injury he waited by the phone all day for the call. today he rejoined the former teammates and with a big smile got back to work. he practiced with the team all
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preseason so he isn't necessarily starting from scratch but the way the season is going, he says this week just aa little sur real. >> i woke up monday morning and thought are we going to be playing football in pittsburgh six days from now. it is mind blowing but it will be great and i am looking forward to a chance to get to play. >> playing against the saints, -- we always prepare for, and he was always a weapon. the fact he can come right back in and know the offense and is very valuable. >> before he was cut he formed a friendship with rookie quarterback. he helped him move and gave him the lockerwhen he was cut. on a way to repay, he gave the locker right back to his original owner. >> it was easy decision on my part. i was here on monday and he came back in and said do you want your locker back. i said that would be great. >> he's the nicest guy --
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>> he helped me move some furniture, got me the furniture from some of the stuff that was left over from his house and got me some ugh slippers. i am doing good. >> store re get ahefty pay raise. he's eligible for ash administration thanks to the new -- he made it by one day of experience. so he now has four years of eligibility and he joins nine other nationals that are arbitration


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